The Heart of Women

My blog today is not going to be about the business of esthetics. Today what’s on my mind is the heart of esthetics, and specifically how important women are in other women’s lives. This becomes more and more clear as we age.

I have just returned from a funeral. It was the mother of one of my best girl friends who had passed away in her sleep. Having gone through the heartbreak of losing my mom when I was only 33, the pain comes flooding back every time it happens to one of my friends. Losing your mom changes everything in a woman’s life. At least it did mine.

Which brings me to the point of my blog today, which is about how important women friendships are (or at least should be, I think) for all women. We need to support each other. Most of us are doing the best we can on any given day, and oftentimes it seems that we are carrying the weight of our world on our shoulders. I have been through all sorts of personal tragedies with my clients, as have most seasoned estheticians.

Throughout my 17 years in this business, I often hear women longing for their younger days. They don’t realize that when they are looking in the rear-view mirror, they are totally missing their beauty of today. I know that my job is not only to provide esthetic services; my job is to provide tools, education, resources and support that my clients can take with them to care for and love themselves. I think that’s where empowerment and strength comes from. At least it is for me.

I believe that happiness is an inside job. I believe that if you rely on outside sources to provide you with your self-worth, it’s very hard to be happy because those who might lift you up with their kind words and compliments can also withdraw those words, leaving you deflated. Add to that, the power of social media and traditional media telling us how we are supposed to look and act and what we are supposed to believe, who and how we are supposed to love….it’s a roller coaster ride. But if you are proactive about finding and keeping your balance, treating yourself with TLC, relying on your own self-awareness and self-love, you will enjoy the ride. For most of us, this doesn’t happen naturally. It takes effort and practice, but it’s worth it.

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