The Heart of Esthetics online course

After many months of time, effort and love, I have finally launched my online course based upon my book, The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success. What a passion project this was for me! And now that the course is out there in the esthetics universe, I think it might be time I started blogging again.

As with almost everything I have done as a consultant, speaker, author and mentor, the online course was born out of frustration. And as always, that frustration is related to all of the bad info being presented to estheticians who are out there doing their best to find information that will help them be the best esthetician they can be. These wonderful estheticians are doing the right thing by looking for information, yet they don’t realize that more often than not, it’s the struggling (or failing) estheticians who are the most vocal on social media, or it’s the ones who crave attention but don’t have the credentials to back up their information and advice.

There is a reason a potential client chooses one esthetician over another. And there’s an even bigger reason a potential client becomes a loyal long-term client. It’s not solely about the products, the facial services, the equipment, etc. It is about the esthetician. It is about the Heart of Esthetics. Yet in this extremely personal and intimate business of esthetics, estheticians are still being advised to send emails and snag “likes” on Facebook to build their business. As if that is going to create loyal, long term clients? It just doesn’t work that way. Maybe it did a decade or more ago, but not anymore.

We are a very personal and intimate business. We ask (mainly) women to remove almost all of their clothing. Then we ask them to get into something that looks a lot like a bed. And to make it even worse, we remove their makeup and stare at them with a very bright magnifying lamp in order to point out things that may be “wrong” with their skin. And we are to believe that we can lure these women into this experience with an email? I don’t think so.