The Heart of Esthetics and SpaBizBoard!

The beta launch of “The Heart of Esthetics” online course has now ended and enrollment has been closed. During the next few weeks, I will be relocating the course to its new home and implementing some additional features and perks. Here is a sneak peek:

THE HEART OF ESTHETICS ONLINE COURSE: This course is for students of esthetics, newly-licensed estheticians or solo estheticians. Completion of this course is mandatory for anyone who wants to participate in the other benefits and perks.

MEMBERSHIPS: Continuing education will be available inside the walls of the new site for those who have completed the course. This important information will help you implement everything you have learned in the course, beginning wherever you may be in your esthetics career journey. Whether you are a student of esthetics, a newly-licensed esthetician or a newly-solo esthetician, there will be help and support every step of the way along your path, as you set — and reach — your goals.

SPABIZBOARD: Yes, you are reading this right! I am once again opening the doors of SBB, but only for eligible estheticians who have completed “The Heart of Esthetics” course. Completion of this course is mandatory because it’s essential that estheticians who join us are not starting from scratch. Inside the very private walls of SBB, you will have access to members who have been on board since I created SpaBizBoard in 2006. Many of these original members have had successful esthetics careers for decades and they can teach you a lot! So it’s important that new members have a solid foundation before they enter SBB.

One very important caveat however is that membership in SpaBizBoard is a perk, rather than part of “The Heart of Esthetics” purchase package. We will be discussing all things related to esthetics but it will always be with respect and professionalism. Therefore, members who do not follow the rules will have their comments deleted and/or be immediately removed from the social group. There are plenty of other social media sites where disrespect is acceptable, but SBB has never been one of them. (I promise.)

I will post updates throughout the preparation for the relaunch, so please stay tuned.