The Heart of Esthetics: 
Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success

(For spa professionals)

It used to be that offering the right skin care products at the right price, plus good services, equaled success.  But for today’s estheticians, having those elements in place is barely enough to survive.  As a seasoned esthetician with a passion for the business side of Esthetics, and the founder of SpaBizBoard, Diane Buccola has a unique insight into the spa business.  There really is a science behind what makes a consumer choose one spa or esthetician over another, and what compels some clients to buy and others to walk away.  This book offers clarity, specific solutions, proven strategies and the “magic” ingredient to success (it’s been there all along!), which seems to be entirely overlooked these days.  Whether you are a luxury resort spa, a solo esthetician, or anything in between, this book invites you to unlearn just about everything you have been taught or thought you knew about how to be successful in the field of Esthetics.

Named on the list of 17 Best Short Financial Success Books (2017)