The Business of Esthetics

First of all, thanks to those of you who have participated in the Beta launch of “The Heart of Esthetics” online course. Nothing in my 20-year esthetics career makes me happier than knowing I have helped a new esthetician, a confused esthetician, or a struggling esthetician find his or her way to financial success. I believe we are all in this together, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. That’s why I have been helping estheticians find success (often at my own expense), beginning with SpaBizBoard in 2006 and expanding to NASN, NCEA, ICES, LNE, BeWell Expo, just to name a few.

The Official Launch

The official launch of the online course will happen in the next few weeks, and course enrollment will remain open as-is until then. The official launch will include a Membership site which I am actively working on behind the scenes. In my view, information provided to members on a consistent basis will not only enhance what you have learned during the online course, but will be vital to the long-term financial success of your esthetics career. At some point very soon, I will post a video or two which will explain all of this, but for now…here is a sneak peek at what’s ahead for Estheticians:

The Heart of Esthetics online course is 5 hours of info, presented in audio, slides, links, PDFs, etc., based upon my book “The Heart of Esthetics.” It’s a lot of info, for sure, and it’s great to have all of that info up front, but I am aware it can be overwhelming when you aren’t quite sure how to implement it, where to begin, which steps to take, and in which order.


The goal of the Membership site will be to help you implement the information you have consumed in the online course, based upon where you are right now in your esthetics career journey — and which direction you want to go in the future. As a member, you will be guided to the areas that suit you best at any particular time, whether you are a new esthetician, a student of esthetics, or a seasoned esthetician who wants to go solo. There will be new content released every week which will be mainly presented in video format, but will also include downloadable info, interviews, Q&A, behind-the-scenes adventures, step-by-step guides, and much more. I am tapping into two decades worth of connections I have made with some of the most knowledgeable and influential experts in the field of esthetics & spa.

NOTE: You must have purchased the online course in order to qualify for membership which is the only way to gain access to this private information. (Anyone who knows me from my 20 years in the esthetics business and SpaBizBoard, is aware that I am not one who makes esthetics trade secrets available to the general public. Never have, never will.)

“The recipe for financial success in the Esthetics business will not be found on Facebook.”

Diane Buccola

What you didn’t know….Founding Members:

Those of you who enrolled in the course during the initial Lifetime Access enrollment period will automatically be enrolled as a Founding Member at no charge for the lifetime of the course and membership.

Also, anyone who enrolls in the course before the official launch (there’s still time!) will also be considered a Founding Member and will automatically be enrolled.* This means you will have FREE access to the perks of membership according to the length of time associated with your purchase of the course (currently 5 weeks). After that time, you will have the option to continue your membership for a nominal fee, which for Founding Members will NEVER increase in spite of any future price increases for everybody else.

*NOTE: Administration reserves the right to decline Founding Member status to those who are deemed not to have appropriate credentials.

Another advantage of being a Founding Member is that you are in a special group who I will look to for input and ideas regarding what information you want to see (and from whom). This course and membership site is not about me, it’s about YOU, so I want to know what YOU want to know so we can point you in the direction of YOUR success!

“This is a wonderful business with lots of room at the top for success. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is likely on their way to failure and wants you to go with them.”

Diane Buccola

After the official launch…things will change:

Once the course and membership site has officially relaunched in a few weeks, the price of the course will increase, and enrollment will close after a few days (as opposed to 24/7 open enrollment as it is right now. I’ve got to keep things manageable!) In the future, the course and membership will hold open enrollment for only a few days per quarter. (More about that later.)

Lastly, I want to make sure everyone understands that this course is about the business side of esthetics; in other words, how to set up (or modify) your business for financial success — which is all about the development and retention of a loyal client base. It does not matter which product line or equipment you use, so I won’t be accepting advertising from vendors, and I won’t be promoting products or equipment. (You can find all of that on social media, and it will be up to you whether to trust that free advice or not.) However, I will provide interviews and other forms of educational materials from reputable manufacturers and educators.

Who will benefit from this course and membership:

The Heart of Esthetics online course will benefit any licensed esthetician who has or wants to have his or her own business….no matter what their specialty, product line, level of licensure, location, financial situation, number of clients or staff.

Who will NOT benefit from this course and membership:

I want ALL estheticians to be successful no matter which direction they take their esthetics career. For that reason, I don’t want anyone to waste their money by taking advice (especially when they have to pay for it) when I know it won’t be of much benefit to them. So I will break it down for you:

The Heart of Esthetics will not benefit any esthetician who doesn’t have decision-making control over their business; for example, estheticians who are employees of franchise spas and salons.

The Heart of Esthetics will be of no benefit to those estheticians who want only to provide facial services, or want only to sell skin care products.

The Heart of Esthetics definitely will be of NO benefit to anyone who sells MLM (multi-level-marketing) skin care products, simply because this course is designed specifically for professional estheticians who use and sell professional skin care products.

Most of all, as is made abundantly clear by the name, The Heart of Esthetics will not benefit anyone who doesn’t enjoy working with people.

“When you are running your own successful esthetics business, you get to make the decisions.”

Diane Buccola

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