Notes from Your Fairy Godmother

Discover how to shift your focus, rediscover your joy, and live the happy life you can and should be living. 

Ever wonder why some people seem to be happy in spite of life’s ups and downs, and everything always seems to go well for them? Is it because they have lived an obstacle-free life? Or do they have a superpower that you don’t know about?  Of course, not.  In fact, what they have is available to us all. Some of us learn it early in life, some of us never learn it at all, and the rest of us learn it eventually. So let your “eventually” begin right now!

There is a joyful flow of life that you may not be tapping into. But if you clear a little space, well-being will seep in through the cracks.

Notes from Your Fairy Godmother offers you ideas, inspiration and motivation to help you shift your focus, rediscover your joy, and live the happy life you can and should be living, no matter what else is going on in your life or the world. Also included are over 200 of your favorite quotes, reflections and happy thoughts to motivate and inspire you and keep you steadily on the path to your dreams.

“Once upon a Time” is here and now. So, Darling Girl, let today be about the things that make you happy. 

Keep this book next to your bed and read at least one of the quotes every night before going to sleep, and read another one as soon as you wake up. And watch how your day (and your life) improves!