Is your Esthetics Business Heading in the Right Direction?

Often when I am consulting with a struggling spa, I work directly with the spa’s clients in the treatment room giving facials, testing a new service menu I have created for them, introducing new equipment and products, etc. And because I am not an employee of the spa, clients are open to discussing with me their likes and dislikes about the spa’s services. This is by far the most important “insider information” I can provide to the spa owner or manager.

Of course, clients’ expectations vary depending upon the type of spa. For example, in a resort spa/destination spa, clients are typically looking for a really good experience while they are on vacation, but odds are that these clients will not be back for subsequent services any time soon, if ever. On the other hand, clients of local spas and esthetics businesses have an entirely different expectation. They are typically loyal customers who are looking for regular facial services, ongoing guidance, and personal care of their skin.

But what is consistent among all types of spas and esthetics businesses — and what can make or break its success — is that no matter how beautiful the facility is, or how expensive and advanced the esthetic equipment may be, success depends upon how the spa makes their clients feel. Clients do not typically leave a spa for financial reasons (even though our egos would like us to believe that’s the reason); they leave because their needs were not met.

At one of the beautiful spas I consulted with, as I worked in the treatment room with the spa’s clients, I began to notice a theme regarding one of the estheticians (the lead esthetician, as I recall). The comments were not about her esthetics skills, they were about her attitude. I should add that I had examined all the resumes of every esthetician on staff, and this esthetician had a glowing resume and lots of experience. But this was a small spa, so this situation had a big impact on the spa’s financial success.

This particular spa was gorgeous, the spa manager was fantastic, the desk staff was amazing, and the product lines were great. But their facial department was struggling and they couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Because the spa’s clients confided in me, we were able to get to the bottom of it, and I don’t think this would have happened any other way. Without bringing in an outside consultant (specifically one who is an esthetician and therefore can work hands-on with the spa’s clients), it can be tough for a struggling spa owner or manager to figure out the problem. And without being able to identify the problem, there can be no solution.

So if your business is not where you want it to be, you’ve got to ask yourself this question: Is my business going in the right direction? If you’ve got all the elements in place, but you’re not where you want to be, it’s time to reassess everything. Here’s an analogy: You’re in a raft, on the river, you’ve got your great skills and high-tech equipment on board. You’re paddling like crazy and you’re definitely moving…but is your raft pointing in the right direction?

Remember two very important things: 1) You DESERVE to be successful; and 2) The BEST is yet to come. So go get it! The Heart of Esthetics ~Creating Loyal Clients and Achieving Financial Success.