The Holidays – The Perfect Time to Show Appreciation for our Clients

I am writing this blog on the day before Thanksgiving. I am looking out my window at sunny skies and enjoying an abundance of fresh air. However in other parts of my state, Californians are dealing with the aftermath of the horrendous fires that have destroyed homes, families and entire cities. It is not lost on me how fortunate I am. Those of us who were not directly impacted by this tragedy feel sad and we feel helpless. I have donated money to relief efforts and I send my love to everyone affected by these fires, including the brave firefighters. They are heroes and they are angels. Many thanks and many blessings to them.

As we roll into the fun of the Christmas season, we must also think about ways to make our clients feel appreciated; after all, they can go anywhere for their facial and esthetics services. And technically, we are not only competing with other spas and other estheticians, we are competing with all retail businesses. Our clients can spend their money anywhere they want to. So we should be grateful that they are spending some of it with us, and we must make sure they feel that gratitude from us. Yes, greeting cards are nice, but everyone does that. I get cards from airlines, car dealerships, etc. and there’s not really anything particularly personal about that, so it won’t make you stand out.

At the very least, check your records and assess the spend of each of your clients. For your top spenders, isn’t it worth it to give them something that may cost you $5 or $10 one time per year? And it doesn’t have to be skin care product or facial service related. This one time of year, do something really special. (In my online course The Heart of Esthetics, you will find examples of inexpensive ways to show appreciation for your clients: Chapter 10 – Measureable Marketing.)

Success in the esthetics business is not about products, services or social media. It is about YOU. It is about the personal bond you have with your clients, which keeps them coming back to you. So please consider doing things a little differently than every other spa and every other esthetician. Your clients are worth it and you are worth it.

With love and gratitude,