The Women of BeWell Expo

This blog is written for all of the wonderful women I met during the three BeWell Expos in California a few years ago. I was in charge of the Skin Analysis Lounge in Los Angeles and Pasadena, and I was the producer of the Sacramento event. I had the unique experience of interacting with hundreds of attendees who stopped by the Skin Analysis Lounge. Many of these women had never had face-to-face access to estheticians. Their source of skin care information was limited to salespeople and the internet. We had a team of  fabulous estheticians working in the Skin Analysis Lounge and we thoroughly enjoyed talking skin care with the attendees. I learned so much from those women, and they were a very big part of why I wrote this book, Estheticians Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

So with many thanks, this blog is for you! 

Like many women, I too was living under the spell of media’s influence until one day a friend presented me with a challenge: For one week, whenever I was watching TV, I was to note all influences suggesting that something was wrong with me, or I wasn’t good enough “as-is.” It was an eye-opening experience for me!

I saw so many commercials warning of physical impairments and medical conditions that we may have currently or could have in the future. There are ads for drugs we should take, and various cures we didn’t know we needed for conditions we didn’t know we had. There are body shaming ads, suggesting we need to lose weight, exercise more, or fix something. It is repeatedly suggested that we hide, remove, tighten and lift parts of our bodies. And those are just the TV commercials. (I won’t even go into what we see on reality TV!)

There are many skin care options available from multiple providers, in a variety of price ranges and intensity levels. There is literally a buffet of options to choose from which includes everything from products for home use, all the way to surgical services. But no matter what any manufacturer or the media tries to tell you, there is no anti-aging miracle product or procedure that will work for every woman. We all have personal variables which determine how well our skin will age such as genetics, environmental exposure, lifestyle choices, hormones and health issues. And even within those parameters, much depends upon how the skin is maintained. Things will definitely shift throughout our lives, so each woman’s optimal skin care protocol is specific to her and her alone.

Although estheticians have been quietly helping clients achieve and maintain their skin care goals for years, we are not known for big budget ad compaigns designed to lure women in. But great skin can be simple and affordable. And that’s why I have written this book, to provide general information to guide you through the world of high-tech and ever-evolving skin care.

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